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The Octopus Incident Management System (IMS) is a market-leading enterprise solution for managing incidents, threats, risks, business continuity, for security, cyber, operational events, together with the Octopus Distress and response mobile application that runs on iPhones and Android phones.


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The Octopus Incident Management System (IMS) is a market-leading enterprise solution for organizations to effectively manage all their incidents and business continuity, in the field of physical security, cyber security, operational events, threats and risks, in order to provide organizations with a complete picture of all the events happening from one platform. The Octopus Incident Management System incorporates a sophisticated work-flow management tool and allows to define templates and procedures. The Octopus mobile distress system is a mobile application running on iPhones and Android-based phones, which allows employees and citizens to send a panic alarm to the central control center for a quick response. The alarm is also received by field response personnel using the mobile app.

Octopus mobile app and distress system modules:

  • Distress SOS button – with auto-dial or camera stream
  • Preset messages
  • GIS map + data layers
  • Location transmission & GPS positioning
  • Encrypted communications – Text messaging, VoIP PTT
  • Live camera streaming
  • Receiving incidents & dispatch – according to location, severity, job title
  • Incident log & Incident reporting with SOP’s
  • Patrol & Route module and navigation
  • Guard tour via RFID or NFC
  • View real-time location of all field staff on your phone
  • Live view of surveillance cameras
  • Tasking
  • Vehicle license plate and Citizen ID lookup
  • Organizational phonebook
  • Places near me – geo locations with phone numbers

Reference for Dispatch Incident Module

Electra Security, a company that specializes in the security of bank branches and chain stores, utilizes the Octopus system for emergency response and route optimization. The Octopus platform automatically dispatches the Electra motorized quick response teams to any incident immediately through the Octopus mobile app which is worn on the responder’s arm.
The Octopus command and control system enables the Electra control center to monitor the location of all staff and receives all incoming incidents immediately.


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