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Freequenly Ask Question

Below, you will find a list of the questions most frequently asked by our guests.

Of course!
You are invited to contact us at: [email protected]

1. Open the app
2. Create a new account
3. Accept the Terms of Use
4. Enter the requested details (fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory)
5. Wait for system administrator approval

The Organization Code is the organization’s special ID number which differentiate the user’s organization from other organizations. This code is managed by the organization’s security officer.

Ask your organization’s security officer, and he or she should be able to help you!

The organization’s security officer will need approve your new user request. Wait until you get confirmation from him or her.

Usually, in emergency situations, the security officer and/or a dispatcher at the call center will receive the emergency call. The emergency phone number is set by the company’s security officer, but the user can add or change contacts in the app’s User Settings that will receive an emergency SMS (in addition to to the emergency call that can’t be changed by the user).

No, this is the security officer’s decision.

Once you press the emergency panic button, your phone will automatically call the emergency phone number that was set by the organization’s security officer and it will also send an SMS with a distress message to the list of contacts you set in the User Settings menu.

The security officer and the call center can monitor a your location once you have turned on “Follow Me” in the app’s User Settings.

We keep all of our customers’ information encrypted on smartphones and on the network.

No! Privacy is our top priority, and all of your personal information is kept private and secure.

In the app’s main screen, press and hold the “Emergency Call” button for 2 seconds.

Yes you will, but only if you authorize the app to send you push notifications in your phone’s Settings.

No. The GPS is turned on only when the app needs to make a connection to the server. But it is important that once you install the app, you allow the app to access the GPS service through your phone’s Settings.

Not necessarily. This depends on the organization’s policies.

No, the OCTOPUS app was designed to use minimal battery.