Frost & Sullivan Award 2016

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the next generation of command and control PSIM system

OCTOPUS is a new and innovative Physical Security Information Management system (PSIM), which combines a comprehensive security management software with a robust smart phone application, enabling organizations to effectively manage all of their security, safety, cyber, and operational requirements from one place. Read More...

PSIM Command and Control

The OCTOPUS PSIM Command & Control Center takes the guesswork out of your security management by unifying your disparate security devices and information systems into one converged platform.


Crisis management (CAD)

The OCTOPUS mobile application allows you to pinpoint the exact location of your personnel in the field straight from the Command Center, making it easy to dispatch those closest to an incident.


Cyber Event Management (SIEM)

The OCTOPUS solution warns you of security threats in real time and provides you with the relevant SOPs, allowing you to respond faster and more effectively.


Safety Management

The OCTOPUS Testing & Measuring system allows you to monitor your organization's security and safety compliance or performance with KPIs according to customizable parameters.


Performance and Monitoring

Mitigate and monitor your organization’s risk with the Octopus Performance & Monitoring system.


Visitor Management

The OCTOPUS Visitors System offers a comprehensive and intuitive visitor enrollment process for both the inviting organization and the visitor.


Octopus converged physical and cyber security solution

See how the Octopus PSIM solution allows organizations to efficiently manage all physical security and cyber security incident and threats from one holistic system with a smart command and control engine combined with a rich mobile application platform.