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Today’s cities have to manage a large number of response staff, missions and disparate technologies in order to respond quickly to real time incidents while maintaining a high level of service to the public. Commanders need to be able to control their staff and fleet in the field, while dealing with an over flow of incidents, disruptions, instabilities and constantly changing missions and priorities.

In the event of an incident, response centers must be able to evaluate the true situational picture to quickly make decisions and dispatch their teams on the ground in order to resolve events as soon as possible and to minimize the impact of an incident on the civilian populations.

Industry-leading solutions that meet customer needs:

  • Octopus safe city – a new comprehensive Safe City & Police Force control solution that enables to enhance City security and Safety while optimizing police force control and deploying preventive policing patrols and mission.
  • One system that manages all the city security technologies and assets, police forces, procedures and protocols, and receives the crime and incidents from multiple sources, correlates information, allows to prioritize and deploy police patrols effectively.
  • Easily dispatch police response units and staff, display intelligence & surveillance, receive incidents and deploy procedures – all from one system user interface.
  • Increase transparency, compliance and control over police forces