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Understdanding Industry Challenges – Insider Threat

Recent research shows that at least 60% of cyber-attacks are committed by insiders. Whether such attacks are intentional or not, this finding reveals that companies must thoroughly investigate and prevent both in-house and outside vulnerabilities; According research, 75% of insider cyber attacks involved malicious intent and 25% involved inadvertent actors

Organizations need to implement more integrated, converged physical and information technology (IT) security solutions under unified platform as they seek to manage acute cyber security incidents better - while still protecting the flow of an organization’s daily operations. Command and control solutions bring together a business’ physical and IT security technologies; however, they typically require operators to switch between various systems to analyze and monitor data streams.

A significant challenge for businesses is the need to purchase advanced command and control systems piecemeal from various providers to monitor what affects their business operations. Many systems cannot integrate seamlessly with Physical & IT legacy or third-party technologies, compelling enterprises to operate some systems separately, which decreases safety, security, and productivity quite significantly - all while increasing operational costs.

Octopus: “One – Stop – Shop” Cyber Security Solution

Octopus’ Advanced Cyber Security Event Management enables organization to access all their physical and IT devices to get situational awareness needs from a single, unified solution — whether local or global. The Platform enables organization to get a holistic view (360ºdegrees-view) of cyber events that could impact their operations and data via a greater richness of data sources than any other platform on the market with integration capabilities of physical & IT devices span across more than 300 integration possibilities, and Octopus continues to expand this number.

Based on cutting edge technologies coupled with best practices and methodologies Octopus protecting Organizations from malicious or accidental Cyber-attacks by Preventing, Predicting, Detecting and Respond to any threat leveraging embedded pre-defined Out-Of-the-Box activities to enforce information security policies across all domains/devices.

Prevention, Prediction, Detection, Respond

Octopus’ Advanced Cyber Security Event Management enables organizations to get Cyber security threats in real time and to provide CISO/CERT to manage threat with the relevant SOPs, allowing you to respond faster and more effectively from Anywhere, AnyDevice and Anytime. Incidents are prioritized by severity to focus organization responses and increase efficiency.

Octopus has more than 35 modules such as eLearning module that protects organizations from accidental employee or insider which pose threat on the Organization, in addition, Octopus enables Organization to analyzie behavioral of Insiders and devices to predict cyber threats before they occur. Octopus Cyber Agent collect and aggregate logs from any source so CISO/CERT can conduct unified forensics and analysis, making investigation more efficient and effectively respond to a cyber threat automatically or manually based on cutting edge technology.

Cutting edge technology with 3-D View

The main differentiator between Octopus’ platform and competing for technology is that Octopus can create a three-dimensional (3-D) view of a client’s buildings — at a customer’s request — showing the locations of Physical technologies, Insider and other IT Device. The 3-D feature allows operators to visualize where events occur within a building, enabling them to dispatch the appropriate personnel immediately and remediate an issue from becoming a larger cyber threat.