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Today security companies have to operate in a very competitive environment with low profit margins and customers who are constantly looking to save on security service expenses.
Security companies have to constantly find new value added services and technologies to offer their customers help customers save on costs on security services, while improving the level of response to incidents


  • GUARDIAN platform was developed for managing the entire response and operations of a security service company – from staff tracking and security staff dispatch, to integrated security and alarm monitoring, mobile panic alarm for customers, visitor management, KPI management, competence and qualifications, and more.
  • GUARDIAN allows security companies to offer their customers advanced value added services, which lets the Security company generate new revenue sources and places the company on a whole new level. Guardian can help the security company save on guard operations costs while providing the same level of response to the customer.
  • GUARDIAN can be used as a cloud based system or it can be installed locally on the companies servers, and comes with a central command center for receiving data, sensor alarms, incidents, video, and external intelligence & threats, together with a mobile application for two-way communication with subscribers and the security staff.
  • GUARDIAN offers a distress mobile application for panic signaling and incident reporting – “human sensor” – which can dispatch the closest security staff and open the nearest cameras.
  • GUARDIAN is a holistic system and comes with all the modules required to run your security operations – Incident management, emergency and routine procedures, GIS, intelligence analysis, tasking, guard tour and vehicle patrol routing, VOIP communications and mobile phone video transmission, competence and training, time and attendance, weapons management, equipment management, asset management, visitor management, etc.
  • The GUARDIAN system together with its mobile app platform allows multi-site hierarchy management – allowing security companies to manage the response to customers in different geographic areas and to define which customers report to which security staff. In addition the security company can allow its customers to view their own environment independently – their own cameras, incidents, assets, etc.
  • The GUARDIAN system was tested and is being used by high end security & government agencies. System can handle 1000s of sensors and users.





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