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Octopus System: Provider of integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions helping unify disparate security devices into one platform.

Organizations these days depend on several business relations in order to receive expert and trusted solutions to ensure their business continuity. Similarly, in the cyber world, as the security industry rapidly evolves to a newer phase, organizations are faced with the challenge of managing multifarious security and operational systems from different providers. Also, gathering data from disparate sources presents an even greater challenge of mining and making sense of all the data, which ends up being a laborious, expensive and a time-consuming process. Businesses today are on the lookout for holistic solutions that can manage the integration of various components like technology, procedures, and other security operations all under a single platform. This was the very reason that sparked the inception of Israel based Octopus Systems. The firm’s Physical Security Information Management (PSIM), recognized by many, is a revolutionary solution that integrates a comprehensive security management software with a robust smartphone application to help manage any untoward incident anywhere, anytime. The PSIM Command and Control center unifies disparate security devices and data systems into one platform thus helping organizations oversee and act immediately upon any abnormalities or incidents.

Tal Bar-Or, a former Israeli government security services officer and global corporate security and risk consultant along with Baruch Tagori, cyber expert and risk consultant, the founders of Octopus Systems were thinking way ahead of their time in devising a platform that can simply eliminate complex, tedious business operations. Having identified the dearth of a simple, unified platform that can cut across and integrate multiple security systems and data sources sparked the birth of Octopus Systems in 2013. The invaluable experience they gained during their professional tenure, coupled with the in-depth expertise in handling security and risks in their respective domains made way for a single system – a system with many arms which are controlled from one brain, as the narrative of Octopus Systems goes

Octopus’ SOC “fusion center” platform integrates and correlates cybersecurity systems, physical security technologies, loT based components and devices and brings it under one unified system. This system hugely benefits the Chief Information Security Officers (CISOS) and Physical security and crisis management officers within the organization as they are benefitted from a unified security management platform. In the recent times, there have been repeated incidents of poor security practices across organizations. Weak passwords, poor awareness/knowledge on data protection, lack of patching and employees being aloof on security practices and information are all causing gradual yet significant damage to organizations each day. All these significantly increase the risk factor within an organization, making the job of a CISO more challenging.

Octopus’ System having realized this dearth, helps bridge the gap between the cyber realm and the physical world, bringing security insights, improving situational

We bridge the gap between the cyber realm and the physical world, bringing security insights, improving situational awareness, and correlating the data coming from each type of system.