Safety Management

Monitor and improve safety and security compliance

The OCTOPUS Testing & Measuring system allows you to monitor your organization's security and safety compliance or performance with KPIs according to customizable parameters. The system gives you a straightforward overview of your organization's overall safety performance, helping you target and improve lacking areas.

Submit reports straight from the field

Managers can easily fill in reports on a the mobile terminal straight from the field, and the results will are aggregated in the system's performance screen, keeping your data accurate and up-to-date. All of the reported data is recorded for online and offline access and is easily accessible for regulatory compliance auditing.

Manage your facility more effectively

The OCTOPUS Facility Management module allows you to monitor integrated systems, track energry and water consumption, and manage maintenance requirements. Auto-generate or manually create tasks for maintenance staff, assuring that repairs are made in a timely manner. Make your organization more cost-effective and eco-friendly by reducing consumption, setting up automated processes, and creating behavioral and seasonal settings to prevent over-consumption and waste.

A variety of available integrations

The system integrates with with critical building systems and receives data and alarms automatically, including gates and doors, fire and gas detectors, water and wastewater meters, electricity meters, UPS, generators, SCADA, telemetry, PLCs, cameras, and security systems, giving you complete control over your facility. The system includes an interactive building layout diagram showing the locations of systems and alarms, making it easy to find and respond to alarms or alerts.

Available anytime, anywhere

Our Cloud-enabled, web-based system is secure and easy to install, implement and maintain, reducing costs and dependence on complicated costly IT infrastructure and personnel.