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Frost & Sullivan applauds how Octopus provides the most comprehensive integrated security solution on the market, Command and Control, through a single, unified platform. The company’s technology is the only entirely cloud-based command and control solution available. Octopus customizes its platform per customer request to ensure that clients receive the most out of the platform- and that solution capabilities are truly in line with customer needs.

With its innovative technology, customer service, partnerships, and strong overall performance, Octopus earns the 2018 Frost & Sullivan Global Customer Value Leadership Award.



Founded in 2013 in Tel Aviv, Israel, Octopus Systems is a “one-stop shop” for organizations implementing command and control solutions, leveraging extensive experience and a robust partner network to augment the innovation of its technologies. Frost & Sullivan recognizes how the company provides clients with a myriad of real-time data sources unmatched in the industry, allowing customers to attain a comprehensive view of events that could potentially disrupt their organization’s daily operations. Organizations in any market can benefit from Octopus’ solutions, such as smart cities, physical security companies, public safety, logistics/fleet, utilities, and law enforcement. Frost & Sullivan recognized Octopus as the 2016 Global New Product Innovation Leader in the CNI Command and Control market and continues with be impressed by the company’s innovative technology, partnerships, customer service, and other best practices.


Octopus’ Command and Control platform enables customers to access all their physical and IT security and situational awareness needs from a single, unified solution — whether local or global. The company goes beyond typical command and control platforms by offering clients a holistic view of events that could impact their operations via a greater richness of data sources than any other platform on the market. The company provides information from multiple data streams, such as cameras (Octopus offers analytics, e.g., object/person tracking), weather satellites, gunshot detection, building automation systems, ecosystem cybersecurity, and other tracking technologies and sensors. The solution allows clients to monitor events in real time or through a timeline feature, enabling them to make informed decisions to prevent incidents from affecting their business and investigate past events. Moreover, operators can access the platform, monitor events, and receive alerts on workstations, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, empowering organizations to make decisions remotely and proactively; Octopus’ solution is the only wholly cloud-based command and control platform on the market. For instance, if a business has an employee making a delivery, but there is a traffic accident on their typical route, operators can either redirect the driver or expect a delay in the driver’s arrival. Likewise, if an employee travels to a location across the world, but the area is receiving heavy rains and flooding, the operator can warn the employee and make sure the individual does not get stuck in the harsh weather conditions, which could potentially harm the employee.
Octopus also offers a myriad of situational awareness capabilities — ranging from weather conditions and seismic activity, to riots to gunshot detection, and airplane delays. Frost & Sullivan’s analyst team believes the company offers the most comprehensive command and control solution on the market through these advanced situational awareness components and positions itself for significant continued growth in the industry through its innovative spirit.


Octopus provides an extensive data set to clients via its robust partner network, empowering clients to focus on running their business (rather than piecing together information from various sources). The company’s all-encompassing data streams stem directly from the strong partnerships Octopus has with its technology partners, enabling third-party data sources and solutions to integrate seamlessly with Octopus’ Command and Control platform. The solution’s integration capabilities span across more than 300 integration possibilities, and Octopus continues to expand this number.
The company partners with Brinks Security to enable customers to realize when one of their safes is opened; clients can then look at their cameras to ensure the appropriate person is accessing the safe, or the platform can alert them to an unrecognized person near the safe while it is opened. The main differentiator between Octopus’ platform and competing technology is that Octopus can create a three-dimensional (3-D) view of a client’s buildings — at a customer’s request — showing the locations of cameras, access control technologies, and other sensors. The 3-D feature allows operators to visualize where events occur within a building, enabling them to dispatch the appropriate personnel immediately and remediate an issue from becoming a larger problem.
Clients can create a calendar of routine activities — e.g., escorting individuals to their vehicles at closing time, arrival times of employees, and client/team meetings — allowing the platform to recognize that people should be in a specific area at a particular time. The calendar feature enables customers to ensure their buildings are safe and secure by alerting operators of people in an unauthorized location. The platform can follow such individuals on the client’s cameras, so security personnel have eyes on that person at all times and can investigate the situation, if necessary. Additionally, to prevent false alerts, the Command and Control platform can allow an individual to attempt their credential — e.g., fingerprint or personal identification number — a pre-determined amount of times before the solution will flag the attempts as suspicious and alert security operators. This feature enables security personnel to focus on actual fraudulent activities while allowing employees, who unintentionally enter a credential incorrectly, a few chances to get it right and gain access.
Octopus’ partner network enables the company to provide superior integration features (such as those listed above) and earns Octopus an annual growth rate each year of 50% to 100%. Frost & Sullivan research analysts are impressed with the company’s complete solution, ability to secure a robust partner network, and attention to customer needs by providing custom solutions.


Typically, command and control solutions prompt users to piece together physical and information technology platforms from different vendors in an attempt to create a holistic solution. However, this requires personnel to monitor multiple screens and try to build a view of events manually that occur in their ecosystem, which can take hours, leaving security personnel unable to prevent incidents from escalating.