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Kiryat Bialik is taking huge steps towards becoming a “smart city” The Kiryat Bialik municipality will provide a holistic solution of connecting existing urban systems and new systems to a single smart technological platform

 Kiryat Bialik is about to become a “Smart City”. The installation of a communication system on the lighting fixtures, which have recently been replaced throughout the city, has recently begun. Each lighting fixture has a unique sensor that transmits to a Command and Control system installed in the new information center for citizens. The communications, command and control system is provided by Octopus Systems together with the integrator Cellcom, allowing to manage the city effectively, enable energy savings, receive a complete view in real time, treat and even prevent events before they occur.
The control center will show the city resources on the digital map, which will allow control and monitoring of what is happening in Kiryat Bialik. This will allow to dim the city lights to a level of a single lamp, decide on lighting schedules, detect faults and quickly treat them.

The system is connected and controls security cameras scattered in the central places in the city, such as bustling intersections, recreation areas, parks and public gardens, an industrial area and more. The cameras are connected to a “seeing” hotline in the city 24/7 to provide an immediate response when needed. Another service provided by Cellcom is the connection of all public buildings in the city, including day care centers, kindergartens and schools to the system for activating distress buttons during an event, activating smoke and fire detection systems and alarm systems to protect buildings against burglary.

The new system was designed and adapted for further expansion to manage the water sector in the city in order to streamline and reduce the irrigation costs and water expenses of the authority. The system also knows how to manage the garbage collection system. The garbage cans throughout the city will have unique sensors installed that will transmit to the system in real time when the bin is full and will even announce the weight of the garbage in the bin. These innovative solutions will allow garbage truck drivers to be efficient and handle only the full bins and not operate on a pre-determined route. Only in the field of garbage will the system allow the municipality to save millions of shekels.

The system has also been adjusted to control the traffic lights in the city in order to create a “green wave” during rush hours in order to allow traffic to flow and reduce congestion. This issue is particularly relevant in light of the development of the new neighborhoods in the city.

The system also jumps various air quality data, using sensors that will be scattered throughout the city and checking the air quality, deviations in the air indices will be transmitted to the municipal center.
The service also includes parking solutions, which over the years has become increasingly acute. The system knows how to manage the available parking spaces and will allow residents to navigate to the nearest available parking space using a dedicated app.

Beyond the operation of the city, the system also provides an emergency response, and it will interface with the Home Front Command system and be an aid to the various security and rescue forces.
The total cost of the project is estimated at NIS 12 million, with the rest of the project’s first milestone starting in December, when all the lighting fixtures in the city will be connected to it.
The project is managed by the economic company, the executive arm of the Kiryat Bialik municipality.
Yoni Sabag, Cellcom’s VP of Marketing: “We are happy to lead the Kiryat Bialik Municipality’s revolution in smart cities for the well-being of the residents.”
Eli Dokorsky: “Kiryat Bialik will be the first city in the north to enable a variety of services, save a lot of money Infrastructure in the city, increasing investments in the education and culture system. “

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