Cyber Security Event Management

Manage threats while boosting compliance

The OCTOPUS Cyber Security Event Management system gives you a real time overview of security threats along with customized SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and user activity reports to help ensure industry regulatory compliance. Our solution integrates with and collects data from all of your physical security, cyber security, safety, data, and sensory systems, prioritizes incidents from the gathered data, and enables you to make more informed security decisions faster.

Decrease response time without sacrificing effectiveness

The OCTOPUS solution warns you of security threats in real time and provides you with the relevant SOPs, allowing you to respond faster and more effectively. Incidents are prioritized by severity to focus your responses and increase efficiency.

Streamline your regulatory compliance processes

Our customizable, automatically deployed SOPs make sure that your security personnel comply with industry regulations every time they respond to an incident. Comprehensive and secure user activity reports are accessible by authorized administrators and make compliance auditing easy and accurate.

Monitor your security situation on the go

The OCTOPUS mobile application makes it easy to monitor your organization's security, even if you're in the field. Receive incident alerts, send and receive messages, and send pictures and streaming video to the Command Center from the site of an incident, all straight from your mobile device.