Fleet Management

Get a bird's eye view of your organization's fleet

The OCTOPUS fleet management system makes dispatching, tracking, and monitoring your organization's fleet easy. Using just the OCTOPUS mobile application, easily see the location of your vehicles on the GIS map in the command & control center. Assignable icons help you easily differentiate between vehicle types at a glance.

Easily create and assign routes

The OCTOPUS fleet management system also allows you to easily set up and assign routes to your company's fleet, complete with geo-located check points, allowing you to make sure your vehicles get where they need to go, when they need to get there. Routes are sent to the vehicles via the mobile application, and different predefined routes can easily be sent each day. Sent routes include navigation instructions, allowing the driver to open navigation software straight from the application.

Save on hardware costs without sacrificing effectiveness

The system leverages existing mobile phone infrastructure, saving money and allowing easy access by authorized employees, management, and security personnel. The system integrates with your existing hardware, communicates with security and reception staff, and manages visitors across multiple locations from one system.

Easy integration for even more fleet management features

OCTOPUS can integrate with a third party GPS vehicle tracking system that we provide. The OCTOPUS vehicle GPS integration allows you track vehicle location as well as any abnormal behavior, such as a vehicle that has stopped moving, an engine that has been turned off, and even erratic driving and speeding. The tracking system is fully connected to the OCTOPUS platform and shows the vehicle location, speed, altitude, engine status, battery consumption, and more, all visible on the OCTOPUS GIS map, allowing accurate tracking 24/7. Easily monitor the efficiency of your fleet, saving your organization money.