Crisis Management & Emergency Dispatching

Save valuable incident response time

We here at OCTOPUS know that in an emergency situations, mere seconds can make a world of difference in response time. OCTOPUS Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) makes it easy to keep track of security personnel in the field, communicate to them individually or as a group, and quickly dispatch them in an emergency.

Get live updates straight from the field

The OCTOPUS mobile application allows you to pinpoint the exact location of your personnel in the field straight from the Command Center, making it easy to dispatch those closest to an incident. The application supports two-way communication between mobile users and the Command Center, and mobile users can report incidents from the field, including images and live streaming video from their mobile devices.

Improve security efficiency with monitored patrols

For day-to-day operations, easily schedule and track security patrols, both by vehicle and by foot via the mobile application. Security personnel can easily report any issues at predefined patrol checkpoints, and the Command Center automatically notifies you of any anomalies in a guard's patrol, such as deviation from the predefined route or unexplained stops.