Our Company

The physical security market is rapidly evolving, marked by the development of many new IT-based security solutions. Today's organization has to manage numerous security, safety, and operational systems from different providers and generate an accurate situational picture from disparate data sources. This process ends up being time consuming and costly and can result in a mismanagement of operational risks.

As a unified and converged platform, the OCTOPUS system integrates technology, procedures, and personnel into one command and control center, enabling you to effectively manage all of your security operations from one screen. The OCTOPUS system brings your security, operational, and safety data together with a unified PSIM solution tailored specifically to your needs. Our system presents you with a simple common operational picture, enhancing your situational awareness and allowing you to take the necessary action faster.

OCTOPUS was founded in 2013 by a team of experienced security and technology experts with the mission of creating a new breed of smart, agile, and easy to deploy Command and Control software system. OCTOPUS offers the industry’s only completely Cloud-enabled security management system, as well as a mobile application that leverages the native capabilities of smart phones and tablets to streamline all security operations onto one screen. The OCTOPUS system helps organizations across the globe protect people, information, and assets, while constantly striving to raise the bar in the security industry.